Online casino games

For The ICT Professionals, I have helped creating online casino games.

Project overview

Working as a lighting and rendering artist at The ICT Professionals, I was responsible for delivering high-quality images for use in online casino games. The goal was to create gambling games such as roulette and various card games. The images below make up just a small selection of the total project. Shown are some final images as they were implented in active online casinos.

The top row are roulette games, with alternating views between the game overview and the wheel view. The bottom row of images are card tables, both with and without some sample game assets composited over them. I have co-developed this compositing workflow during my time with the company, which had a big impact in shortening the development time and implementation of new games.


Copyright notice

All images seen above were produced for and are owned by The ICT Professionals in Eindhoven, NL. I have received explicit permission to show them here.