Taco Trouble

Taco Trouble is a 14-day game project completed with a small team.

Project overview

Taco Trouble is a game about cars, guns and above all, taco sauce! Take your reinforced truck and race it to the opponents’ base. Once safely there, fill your trailer with taco sauce. Be careful on your way back however, because rough driving will result in spillage. Also, be on the lookout for other players, because they will try to kill you using machine guns, rockets, or simply crashing into you to prevent you from stealing their taco sauce.

The game can best be described as a network based four-to-eight-player capture the flag-match involving vehicles to spice things up even more. Best of all, the game is very fun to play!

Garbage Game Development website

Game trailer

Images taken in-game

Critical asset

Below is a critical asset for Taco Trouble. It is the car the player gets to control if he or she joins the red team, or rather, the company called Taco Bull. My contribution to this asset was everything but the texturing (courtesy of Laurens van der Heijkant), so modelling, creating UV-layout and making sure it all works as intended within the confines of the game engine.