Cardboard Carnival

Cardboard Carnival was created at the Global Game Jam 2009, in just 48 hours.

Project overview

Cardboard Carnival pits the player as two characters, one aggressive, one defensive, against a horde of attacking enemies. Both characters controlled by the player have their own abilities, advantages and disadvatages. It was created in a team of 5 people, during the first edition of the Global Game Jam held in the Netherlands, within a timeframe of just 48 hours.

The theme of the jam was set by the sentence "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems". This theme is integrated into the gameplay by having two characters that can only survive working together, despite their natural resistance towards each other. The word 'trapped' corresponds to this situation as both characters certainly want to be apart from one another, because they are polar opposites.