About me

Allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Maikel van Es. I am currently working for OTOY Inc. in Breda, The Netherlands, where I act as technical artist, office manager and IT-guy.

I consider myself a 3D generalist with a special interest in lighting and rendering. I am also interested in compositing and procedural content, as well as technology and engineering in a broader sense.


Bachelor in Engineering in Game Architecture and Design

Breda University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands
Graduated - June 2012

Intermediate vocational education multimedia design

General multimedia, with a specialization in animation and games.
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Graduated - June 2007

Working experience



In May 2014, after working for them as an independent contractor for 6 months, I joined OTOY as a technical artist, as they were setting up an office in The Netherlands. I am assisting in the research and development of new computer graphics technology.

Freelance CG artist

In September 2012, after graduating from university, I started my own business, doing computer graphics as a freelancer. I have worked on projects mainly for offshore / engineering companies.

The ICT Professionals

What started as a placement has become a part-time job as a lighting and rendering artist at The ICT Professionals, Eindhoven. The core business of this company is the production of online casino games.


 • Various verions of MS Windows
 • Mac OS and Ubuntu (superficial)
 • Microsoft Office

Production software

 • Autodesk 3D Studio Max
 • Autodesk Maya
 • SideFX Houdini
 • Cinema4D (superficial)

 • Adobe Photoshop
 • Adobe Illustrator
 • Adobe Premiere
 • Adobe After Effects

 • Visual Studio (basic C#)

Rendering software

 • Octane Render
 • VRay

Game engines

 • Unity
 • Unreal (superficial)

Language skills

 • Dutch (native)
 • English (professional)
 • German (superficial)